Have You Ever Wondered Where Your Sense Of Style Comes From? 

Why is it that you always seem drawn to the color black or bright colors, or feel most comfortable with neutral tones? Why did you get all giddy and feel your stomach do somersaults when you saw that midcentury couch or that floral one-piece bathing suit? 

So many factors influence our style sensibilities, and we’re often not even aware of it. Did you react to that midcentury couch because your grandmother had one, because it is trendy, or both? Maybe it was less about the style of the couch and more about its soothing color.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be constantly attuned to our sense of style and the varied influences that shape it? But that level of self-introspection often evades us. Many of us, even hardcore design lovers, get so busy with day-to-day life that it can be challenging just to muster up the strength to focus on choosing furniture for a room or picking out something to wear— never mind having an inspired vision that speaks to our innate sensibilities. 

Sometimes we need a space where we can get rejuvenated and inspired. Not just with pretty pictures (although we love those too) but with information that offers insight into our design decisions so that we can create a home, an office, or an outfit that really feels true to us and manages to convey the best of who we are, or better yet, who we strive to be.  I believe the best way to do this is to create a space that helps us understand ourselves better, and hence the way we choose to express ourselves through our homes and what we wear.

This is what Trulery is all about. Tru·ler·y is the business of being true. Through consulting and styling, blogging and classes, Trulery is a space that promotes wellness, inspires purpose and passion, and encourages us to develop an authentic sense of identity and style.


So What Does Psychology Have to Do With It?

Since psychology relates to pretty much everything we do, it has a whole lot to do with you and your style. Psychology is a tool, not only to enhance our emotional life, but also helps us to understand behavioral patterns that affect our sense of style so that we can make better choices about how we design our spaces and what we wear. Contrary to what you may have been told, fashion and design psychology are definitely “a thing”. They haven’t always been given much attention and in some circles haven't been taken seriously. I remember years ago a co-worker laughed at me when I told her I wanted to be a fashion psychologist. At the time, it was virtually unheard of, but in recent years, there has been a growing interest in applying psychological principles to both fashion and interior design. With the rise of social media and our online presence, we have so many creative ways to express ourselves. And psychology can help you to make more enlightened style choices that have a powerful impact on your emotional growth and the messages you convey to others.

Sarah Seung-McFarland, Ph.D., Founder of Trulery


Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’m really glad you found your way to my little passion project, Trulery. I’m a licensed psychologist with a doctoral degree in counseling psychology. And after almost ten years of working in the area of trauma and abuse, I needed an outlet to express my creative interests. So in late 2012, I decided to start a fashion and design psychology blog.

Through blogging, I learned about other psychologists, teachers, and lawyers who transitioned to creative careers in interior design and fashion, and a whole new world opened up to me. I vowed never to be a traditional psychologist again, and the seeds of Trulery were planted.

As I thought about what I wanted Trulery to be, I envisioned it as a place to create beauty and knowledge. I would pen a blog that inspired a creative lifestyle. I would offer interior and wardrobe consulting, and styling services that were therapeutic-like, but not therapy. And I would teach classes or host workshops that fostered wellness and creativity. These ideas have since become the hallmarks of Trulery. And I’m so excited to be expanding my career from a helping professional to both a helping and a creative professional. I believe everyone can develop a sense of style that reflects and reinforces a true sense of self, and my hope is that Trulery makes it a little easier for you to do. 


More About Me

  • I’m wife to a fun-loving guy who also doubles as my contractor, photographer, and basically anything I need him to be. I’m also a mother to two rambunctious, loveable boys, who know Trulery as “mom’s blog”, and a sweet and strong-willed baby girl.
  • I have a strong faith in God, and rely on Him daily to help me keep all this going.
  • In college I was torn between a career in psychology and a career in fashion, but I chose psychology, partly because I thought it was important for me to pursue, and I could not at the time envision what a career in fashion would look like. Now I know.
  • I was obsessed, like really obsessed, with Little House on the Prairie as a child. And I still watch it every now and then.
  • I played piano from the age of 7 throughout high school. I practiced hard and performed in competitions but didn’t have the passion to continue.
  • I have a passion for writing and photography, and have freelanced for a number of online sites. I’m a regular contributor for Houzz.


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