Adorn: Hair Jewelry

Have you noticed the hair jewelry trend? I enjoy wearing jewelry on my neck, ears, and wrist as much as the next person, but it's pretty much status quo. That's why I really appreciate it when I see jewelry used in interesting ways. Why not take the look of a brooch, necklace, or pearls and rework it as a hair ornament? It's the ultimate feminine touch, and whether you're into ornate pieces or a more minimal look, you can find one that suits you. Here are a few I think are really pretty.

hair jewelry 14


So what do you think of hair jewelry?

1. Prada 2. LuLu Frost 3. Modcloth 4. J.Crew

5. Dolce & Gabana 6. Lanvin 7. Celine 8. Olivia Munn

9. Pearl Bobby Pins