DIY Dresser

Well happy New Year! Hope you are all enjoying the last few days of the holiday. While I'm doing the same, I thought I'd take this time to show you my DIY dresser I mentioned in a previous post. DIY dresser

This DIY was inspired by my love of the Beverly dresser (below). You may recall that I featured it on my boys' bedroom mood board way back in March. It's exactly what I wanted for my boys' bedroom but I wasn't so excited about the  $1,840.00 price tag.

Inspiration dresser

So I went on the hunt for a dresser that I could turn into the Beverly dresser for a fraction of the price. It took me a while to find a dresser with the right balance of clean lines and  tailored details. Everything seemed either too mod or had too many traditional touches. But after hours of searching, I finally settled on the Jake 6 Drawer Dresser from Overstock (below) for $318.32.

budget friendly dresser3_edited-1Although the shape of the legs aren't exactly like the inspiration dresser, it had a tailored look that wasn't too fussy, and the drawer fronts were flat which meant that it would not detract from the moldings I added. The dresser came in pieces, and I (meaning my husband and I, or really just my husband, ha!) painted the pieces white before putting it together. I summarized some of the project highlights below.

DIY summaryThe most difficult part of the project was trying to find corner round moldings. It took me a couple weeks before I found a company, Rockler, that sells both the corner round trim and the straight trim. And what a relief. I almost decided to scrap the corner round trim and make rectangular shaped moldings, but I'm glad I didn't because it wouldn't have been the same without that detail-- don't you agree? In order to get the straight trim moldings to size, we used a hand saw to cut them, and glued all the moldings on. The ring pulls are from ATG Stores, and the measurements are L: 2.0625 inches, W: 2 inches, D: 0.625 inches. It's just the right size for the dresser. We drilled a hole for the ring pulls and used wood putty to cover up the other holes.

last look dresser Here is the approximate price breakdown for the project:

Jake 6 Drawer Dresser: $318.82

Molding: $53.28

Paint, glue, putty: $16.00

Hardware: $27.78

Total approximate price (not including tools used):  $415.88

I'm really pleased with how the dresser turned out. And relieved to be one step closer to seeing my boys' bedroom completed. Does this look like a DIY you would try?

*Images by Truly blog unless otherwise credited.