Having a Moment With...Fun, Graphic Prints

Ever wanted to be a comedian? Well here's your chance to make them laugh without even saying a word. The humorous, graphic prints trend is in full swing, and I don't know about you, but I like adding a little comic relief to my outfits and decor. Try wearing a rooster coat, parrot print shoes, or covering your walls with bumblebee wallpaper (I think I'm sensing a pattern here) all of which are offset by sophisticated silhouettes and color schemes.  Or you can choose to shock 'em silly with a "pretty face" bag or a "psychoanaylsis" sweater (designed by Freud's very own granddaughter!). You can even be cute and cheeky with a lip patterned dress, doodle skirt, or "get-in-here" heart print. Or opt to just make them smile with a snazzy (yes, I said snazzy) "happy" clutch,  or a "swimming ladies" skirt.  Have a look:


Cute, right? I know what you're thinking, would I really wear a rooster coat? I had my reservations at first too. But the cut of the coat is so great (love that she added the belt) and the black and white color scheme so classic, that it provides a great context for the comical roosters. What fun, graphic pieces are you loving? ♥