Sarah's House Project: Boys' Bedroom Reveal

Finally. The boys bedroom is finished. Well at least for now anyway. I like to think that a room is never really finished, it just evolves, you know. All in all, I absolutely loved decorating my boys' room. Yes, the process was trying, especially during times when I was waiting for an item only to find that it wasn't the right fit or what I wanted, or when I tried  to buy something only to find that the item was sold out. But I try not to get too upset about those things  because it always works out in the end. And if I never knew it before, I certainly know now that interior decorating is my passion, and (I'm pleased to say) a service I'll be offering under my new creative consulting company, Truly, LLC (read about it here). So without further ado, let me take you through the design process.You may recall from my mood board (here) that the guiding theme for the project was:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Pop culture
  • Global Style

Or also known as Traditional Modern Meets Pop Culture With A Dash of Global Style. It's essentially a conglomeration of what appeals to me and the boys. Of course, the boys are into superheros and legos, and me, I like a traditional boy's room that infuses modern touches with a sense of multiculturalism. But to be sure that the room felt like their own, I made sure to display familiar items, ones they made themselves, like the wooden bracelets or their drawings. When they get tired of the drawings, they can always switch them out so the artwork continues to feel fresh. They also wanted to make the ceiling light look more like the  death star and insisted (along with their dad) on coloring it free hand with a  black marker. It's not something I would have done, but hey, it's not always want we want when we live with other people, right? So needless to say I made some concessions in the room. But all in all, we're all happy with it, and that's what truly matters. BB rugI chose the zebra rug early in the design plan. If you saw my inspiration rooms (here), you may know that I was initially looking for a zebra print headboard. But I had a really difficult time making it happen so I opted for the rug instead. And I really like the way it glams up the room a little. The  duvet came later in the design and adds a nice pop of color. I initially chose a cream patterned duvet that had an ethnic vibe to it, but since it was sold out I looked for other options. I really like this one because it's kid friendly, and the modern triangle can also be interpreted as ethnic, a perfect fit for theme of the room. BB front view BB I sideThese multicolored ethnic and pom-pom pillows tie in much of the colors in the room. Whenever I'm looking for a color scheme I usually like to find all the colors in a piece of fabric, or pillow so that it gives a sense of cohesiveness, and doesn't feel like just a hodge-podge of colors that don't speak to each other. BB side dresser BB lotion and powderI didn't want to keep the lotions and powder in the original packaging. I wanted to present them in a more original way that feels consistent with the design of the room. So I used bottles with chalkboard tape to label the items for a fun touch. BB poufOf course I had to include all their friends, ha. BB tall dresser angle This basket houses their laundry, and I put a piece of fabric over it as a make shift cover. BB kermitBooks are big in our house.  My eldest loves to read, and books can make most any space feel cozy. BB MSo there you have it. Hopefully you've been inspired with ideas for your own space. If so, I'd love to hear about it. Below are links or resources for some of the major items in the room: