Spring is often dubbed the season of new beginnings. It's when seeds take root and gardens blossom. Of course, if we never watered our seeds, there would be no beautiful trees and flowers to admire in the spring, or fruit to indulge in, in any season. The same goes for our emotional life. Our gifts, or talents and skills are like seeds given to us to water and nurture so they too may blossom and grow. If  we neglect or ignore our own gifts, and instead focus on someone else's "garden" or the garden we wish we had, we will never blossom into the beautiful flower we were meant to be (sappy but true). rihanna springspiration

This is why I love spring. It gives me a chance to reflect and focus on those things that inspire me. I'm a true believer in seeking inspiration almost anywhere. It's one of the ways I water my seeds. And creating a mood board from magazine cut-outs is a great way to get inspired.

karli kloss2

Lately, I've been trying to focus on what inspires me on a gut level. Don't get me wrong, I love to follow trends as much as the next person. But I usually find the most satisfaction when I can relate to an image instinctively regardless of whether it's featuring the latest handbag or a trend from several years back. Sometimes I'm drawn to a picture in ways I can't even put it into words—I just know it speaks to me. At times I'm drawn to the nostalgia some images evoke, like the Rhianna image above which reminds me so much of a glam Phyllis Hyman. Or sometimes I'm drawn to an unexpected interpretation of a classic image. I really like this pic of a lady-like Karli Kloss standing by the side of public pool. It's somewhat bizarre, and makes me want to go to the pool fully clothed in my downtown clothes.

What's inspiring you this spring? Whatever it is, be sure to stop, take notice of it, and use it to help propel you into the life you desire. You never know how great your garden is unless you water it. ♥