Using Psychology to Decorate Infant Spaces

Hey all! This week I'd thought I would talk about some of the key elements to consider when putting together an infant room. If you've read my posts, you know I am in the process of decorating my new home with a number of rooms left to complete. And since my new baby, I've been thinking a lot about how to design a space that facilitates an infant's early development. As a psychologist I've taught child development, and know all about attachment and the psychobiology of emotion. But I've only recently considered applying it to infant design. Infants thrive with familiarity and secure base from which to explore their world. When they feel comfortable and safe, it frees them up to learn and develop. So it's important to design a space that promotes optimal development by ensuring that it is most comfortable and cozy for growing babies. With that said, babies learn and develop when their senses are stimulated like with a mobile or rattle. They also respond positively to certain amounts of novelty and surprise like rotating or changing pictures or quilts. This creates interest and varied experiences that facilitate neuronal connections in the brain necessary for development and enhanced problem-solving. Ideally, we want children to be in an environment that allows their great qualities and characteristics to be realized.

And let's not forget catering to mom or as we say in psych, the "primary caretaker." A study conducted by the design psychologist, Susan Painter, showed that the best predictor of how securely attached a mother is to her baby is her estimate of her competence as a caregiver. In order to promote a sense of competence in mom, the nursery should make her feel capable, confident, and secure.  So a nursery that is efficient and organized goes a long way in supporting mom which in turn, benefits baby. Like they say, happy mama, happy baby! Here are some pieces that I've collated with child development in mind. infant-spaces Of course, there are many more items that would fit into these categories. If you come across them, feel free to share them here. I'm always on the look out for cool nursery furniture or toys.

1. Sheepskin rug via Serena & Lily 2. Lilbow Pillow Doll via Roxymarj 3. Harper Rug via Pottery Barn Kids 4.Golden Pineapple Swaddle via Littlewoof 5. Musical Rabbit Angel Playmat via Smallable 6. Felt Camera Baby Rattle via Emy and Annie 7. Wool Felt Nursery Mobile via Dundryhill 8. Woodland Silhouettes via Brimful 9. Coral Jubilee Wallpaper via Spoonflower 10. Interactive Weather Map via Four Monkeys 11. Lake Glider via Serena & Lily 12. Pink Herringbone Hamper via Land of Nod 13. Vintage Pink Wall Tidy Pouch via Smallable