Different Time, Same Style {New Year's Edition}

Hey Folks! Can you believe it's 2014 already? As we go out with the old and in with the new, I'm praying 2014 is ALL that you desire. My hope is to dedicate more time to make Truly Blog an eclectic mix of  psychology, style, and inspiration. One of the ways I plan to do that is to continue with my Different Time, Same Style series. This is where I feature vintage photos of people, and attempt to answer the question "What would they wear today?" Putting together this series can be a wonderfully complex process that integrates both sociology, psychology, and history. I'm always fascinated by history and often wonder how people of bygone eras would style themselves given the sociological and psychological factors unique to today's world. I decided to start the year off with a bang, and put together a New Year's Edition. New Year's celebrations have been a mainstay even before there were photographs to record them. If you're looking for style inspiration to ring in the New Year, you may want to take some cues from these fab vintage ladies. They have a distinct style that says a lot about their personalities and the social world that helped to shape it.

Different Time, Same Style NY2014_edited-14

1. Masculine/Feminine

This is 1920's entertainer Florence Mills. According to historians, she was born into poverty and became one of the leading performers of the Jazz Age. No doubt, her artistic talent helped propel her into a creative lifestyle that was not an option for many women or people of color during her day. Her mix of masculine and feminine exemplifies the free spirit typical of entertainers, and a willingness to break social barriers of the day.

Florence Miller||Tuxedo jacket||sequin pants||clutch

 2. Masquerader

This is a photo of the lavish 1966 Black and White Ball hosted by author, Truman Capote.  Truman Capote held the ball for his high society friends and set a trend for fabulous masquerade balls and costume parties. The lady in the photo seemed perfectly dressed for the occasion decked out in her all white get-up. Clearly she enjoys a good time, and would likely embrace the fabulous, yet fun and quirky attire of modern high society costume parties.

Black & White Ball of 1966||Jumpsuit||Fur Head Band|| Gold Mask

3. Fun, Sweet, & Flirty

Here is a fun photo of entertainer Olga San Juan taken in the 1940's. She was  known as the "Puerto Rican Pepperpot," and this photo of her in classic navy- themed attire captures her energetic spirit. If she was taking the photo in the 21st century, I'm sure her fun, sweet, and flirty disposition would shine through. Olga left the business in the 50's to raise her children. What a strong statement about her commitment to family— something as traditional and classic as a navy uniform. For sure, she would likely go for the classic colors of black, white, and red.

Olga San Juan||Bordeaux Lip Stick||Red Heels|| Romper

If you have any vintage photos, feel free to send them my way so I can include them in the Different Time, Same Style series. It would help to know a little about the person in the photograph and what was going on for them the time the photograph was taken. Hope to hear from  you. Love ya, and have a wonderful New Year!