Having a Moment With...Polka Dots

If you're like me, your wardrobe probably gets a little lackluster from time to time, particularly when life gets busy. So what do you do to resolve this? I like sprucing it up with patterns.  In fact, if your wardrobe consists only of solids and neutrals, some  psychologists might interpret this as a sign you're  "stuck" in a routine or fearful of taking chances. If this is you, incorporating some patterns into your wardrobe may be a first step in trying something new and living life more fully. Speaking of patterns, I've really been enjoying polka dots lately. While they never go out of style, every few years they have a resurgence and suddenly they're everywhere. I finally caught onto the polka dot trend after seeing a bunch of cute dot sweaters this fall/winter season, especially the ones with added texture that give that 3-d effect.  They say polka dots reflect energy and happiness, and tend to be worn by people who are both focused and have the ability to multitask. This pic of Lena Horne in polka dots shows that dots not only reflect energy but can also be quite glamorous. If these qualities are what you want to project,  try a few polka dots pieces if you haven't already. Here are some for inspiration.

polka dot post last update_edited-3jumpsuit ♦ dot clutchearrings ♦ romper ♦

scarfsweaterpumps skirt

As you can see I really love the skirt. I imagine it with a grey fitted turtle neck and bright colored pointy toe pumps for that classic glamour look. Or if you like the textural details of the 3-d sweater, add a head scarf for vintage flair. And don't be afraid to layer polka dots for that mix and match look. The key is to make sure the dots are different sizes to avoid dot overload and add interest. What do you think of polka dots?