Having A Moment with...The Cape

Hello Friends, and happy fall! Honestly, I love all seasons, but it's something about the fall that feels invigorating. Maybe it has something to do with the start of the  new school year. It's a chance to start fresh and maybe work smarter this time around. And the air always smells crisp right around this time, a faithful reminder that winter festivities are just around the corner. One of the things love about fall is getting warm and cozy inside with hot chocolate and a good black and white movie. And let's not forget about fall clothing. All those layers to put on and so many stylish choices. Shopping for coats is one of my favorite things to do, and lately I've had my eye on one type of coat--capes. Aren't they just so cute? There's something so proper about it, and these days they have  tons of stylish options. Check out some cute ones I picked out. Pair them with jeans, gold heels, and a leopard clutch, and your good to go! having a moment with the cape1


 Martin Grant Plaid and Suede Cape | JCrew Jeans| Dunes Leopard Clutch| MSMG Cape Coat| Prada Shoes| Gabriella Wile in Burberry Prorsum


How do you feel about capes this fall?