Personality Traits and Dress: Histrionic Style

Hey all! This week we're featuring part 2 of our 5 part mini-series, Personality Traits and Dress. (You can see part 1 here.) That's where we show personality traits (not personality disorders) as expressed through dress. While it's grounded in our understanding of personality traits/disorders,  we're really just having fun with these illustrations. Wouldn't you agree?  Here is Histrionic Style, the drama queen of all the personality traits.

Personality and Dress Histrionic Style.jpg


 illustration by Ann Shen

You know that friend who’s constantly seeking excitement and attention, and never forgoes an opportunity to perform or be the center of it all. Well, that’s the “histrionic friend.” Dramatic as all get out, these individuals are pros at drawing attention to themselves. There are many overlapping features between the narcissistic and histrionic style, and in fact some people have both. But the histrionic person is more likely to depend upon attention and approval to feel a sense of adequacy, whereas the narcissist uses the attention to validate their sense of being special or different than others.  If you have a histrionic style of dress, you are inclined to stand out from the rest. We may find you in purple hair, massive amounts of jewelry, or anything else that might be a conversation starter.  I think we’ve all wanted to stand out from time-to-time, don’t you? But if you have a predominant histrionic style, your outfits always read, “I’m here, feel free to look. In fact, I’d prefer it.” I can think of quite a few people who fit this description. How about you?