So Matchy-Matchy

I think we can all agree that for the last decade and a half (probably more) wearing color-coordinated clothing has been considered passé in mainstream culture. For many, it tends to evokes images of over-the-top dressing, or just plain bad 80's outfits, something like these.

{images clockwise: pinterest| gotsuits| dmag}

I truly apologize if I have offended anyone with these examples. For I am well aware that there are those who enjoy this style of dress. And at the very least, I can appreciate the passion behind these dramatic get-ups— it  takes a certain amount of energy and time to match this much.

But while such dedication to coordinating will always be too esoteric for my liking, matching has indeed made a comeback.  You know how they say fashion always repeats itself? Well, I've actually lived long enough to see old trends return. Take leggings for instance. I wore them in the '80s when I was 12 several lifetimes ago. And although I swore I would never wear them this go round, the force was apparently too strong and I caved in. Nevertheless, I'm pleased to say I found a way to wear them in a way I feel works for me. But anyway, I digress.

My point is that when a trend or fashion statement is considered outdated, one can be sure it will rear it's bold head again sometime within the next one or two decades. I think it's just human nature to revisit the old when it no longer feels, well old. I think this is the case with matching. After reading countless fashion magazines, watching fashion television, and perusing fashion blogs over the last few seasons, I have come to see matching, at least in moderation anyway, in a different light. If done properly, it can evoke images of elegance and sophistication, kind of  like this.

{image: lifeviadelanceydamevintage}

Or like this.

{image: flickr}

With the onset of the organizing trend, I think people are looking to appear neater, more polished. And  matching seems to capture this ideal well. Here are some updated matchy-matchy outfits, or should I say cooordinated outfits that have caught my eye lately.

{image: lateafternoon}

{image: haikuambulance}

{image: richesforrags}

{image: entertainmentwise}

{image: louisvuittonvialucky}

{image: manrepeller}

{image: ellevn}

My favs are the first and last outfits. Which ones do you like?