The Loverly Dream Day Style Challenge

This past summer was definitely the summer for challenges. It all started with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and then there was the Grateful Challenge, the Nice Challenge, the Pretty Face Challenge, and... after a while I just lost track. But I had no intention of participating in the fad until Loverly invited me to take part in their Dream Day Style Challenge. Loverly is a wedding website that offers everything you need to plan your wedding at a wide range of price points. You'll find tons of great brands, including Jimmy Choo, YSL, BHLDN, and the list goes on. I was asked to pick three wedding gowns and accessories based on three different types of settings. And if any of my outfits catch the eye of the Loverly social media team, they'll post it on their social media site. Pretty cute, huh! But post or not, I'm all for a good style challenge. The settings I was given to work with definitely influenced my choice of dress, but I also picked dresses that simply caught my attention.  See if you can get a sense of my personal style by the dresses and accessories I chose.  Here they are:

loverly beachside bride_edited-17 dressheadpieceshoes bagnail polish

I'm really drawn to wedding gowns that cause a stir, and what better way to create one than by wearing a romper wedding gown (I'm not sure you can still call it a gown, but I'll just go with it). It's perfect for a beach wedding, and the veil, strappy heels, and "something blue" purse are ceremony classics that remind us it's still very much a wedding. Add pink polish on the toes for interest should you choose to go barefoot on the beach. Love!

loverly cosmo bride_edited-11dress headpieceshoes lipstick

Whenever I think of a wedding in the city, I think chic, sleek, and glamorous, just like this wedding dress. And who else would have the audacity to wear red lipstick on her wedding day but a cosmopolitan girl with lots of glam appeal! A flower veil and glittery sandals complete the glam look.

bohemian bride_edited-3

 dressheadpiece shoesbanglesnail polish

I love the romantic, vintage appeal of this bohemian wedding dress. If I had a bohemian wedding, I'd want to be (and look) comfortable, and wear pieces that reflect the free-spirit and eclecticism of the bohemian style, much like the studded headpiece and flats, diamond bangles, and black nail polish.

So what do you think? Were you able to tell my personal style from the dresses and accessories I chose? One thing I look for in wedding dresses (or any outfit for that matter) are unique details that make it stand out from what "everyone" else seems to be doing. I admire when a  person can really express themselves through their clothes in a way that is unique to them, and I try to achieve that as well. You may have noticed that each gown has some type of sleeve or detail on the shoulders. I find those types of dresses most refreshing since there already seems to be a sea of strapless dresses out there.  Okay, now it's your turn. I challenge you to go onto the Loverly site and pick your own dream day wedding dress and accessories. Let me know what you chose!