Turban Fever

Some say you can find inspiration where you're least likely to expect it. And I wholeheartedly believe this is true. Last week I attended my 6-year-old son's  internationally-themed Christmas recital. His classmates were dressed in all sorts of ethnic garb, but one little girl in particular caught my eye. She was the sweetest thing dressed in Spanish-inspired clothing complete with a turban and ruffles. I know turbans have been quite "the thing" for some time, but I never really envisioned myself in one. Sometimes you have to feel it to wear it—you know. When I saw this little girl in her turban, she was so cute in it that I began thinking how I could wear one and constructed an entire outfit around it, all in my head. (I tend to do that when I get inspired). Here are some more  chic and stylish turbans/ scarfs that inspired my outfit (seen below).

{image: bullet}

{image: karla's closet}

{image: dibblephoto}

And to this I say, 'work it Ms. Ma'am!'

{image: simpleandchic via pinterest}

{image: nina detwa}

This is Ms. Nina Detwa. Check out her site and you'll see why she is the turban queen.

The Dress: Almeria

The Turban: Nurmiclothing

The Bag: Kara Ross Punella Confetti Clutch

The Shoes: Christian Louboutin Chalumo

The Bracelet: Anthropologie

The Earrings: Josey Wales

How would you wear one? Or maybe you haven't thought about wearing a turban. Either way, it's an interesting moment when you never thought about wearing something and then all of a sudden get the urge to. Has that happened to you? Tell us about it.