Having A Moment With Stacked Earrings

Wearing loads of jewelry is a hallmark of disorders like Histrionic or Borderline Personality Disorder. The idea that wearing a ring on every finger is a sign you are "one of them" is a stereotype that speaks to the high level of attention people with these disorders often demand. And while most people aren't extreme attention-seekers, I think many of us have attention-seeking tendencies even it it's buried somewhere beneath our more reasonable and logical selves. We enhance our self-image with clothes and jewelry, and who wouldn't want some positive feedback at least some of the time? Some would argue that they don't dress for anyone but themselves, but any type of adornment conveys a message, whether intended or  not, that others interpret. It's a complex message that distinguishes us from or merges us with the wider culture.  Sometimes it appeals to fantasy,  other times it is very practical, and it usually conforms to our value system. As for me, I certainly enjoy dressing in ways that hint at my more fanciful side. I love classic pieces with unexpected details, or a twist in my accessories or jewelry. But at any given time, I may not care to wear any jewelry, or I might want to pile it on. It usually depends on how stressed, distracted, or inspired I am. Lately, I've been into stacked earrings. I really like the different combos I've been seeing. Pairing colorful crystals with whimsical and geometric studs, or streamlining it with multiple pairs of the same earrings in different sizes makes for some really interesting ear candy. I recall getting multiple ear pearcings in the 90's when it was all the rage, and haven't worn them for years until now. It feels like it's 1995 all over again, and I'm kind of liking it. Here is my inspiration.

stacked earrrings


What do you think of the stacked earring trend?

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*Lady But Earrings-Betsy Johnson *Earring Set- Kenneth Cole