Having a Moment With...Women Who Have a Way

My best bud, Myriam and I are known for developing an entire back story around an intriguingly stylish stranger. We might give her a nick name, describe her idiosyncrasies, and run down a list of things she likes to do. We just get a kick out of  letting our imagination run away with us. That's how we came up with the idea of the woman with "a way" [wink]. It's a term we use to describe an older woman who has a heightened sense of style that is so  unique to her, there are no words to really capture it other than to say she has "a way" [wink]. I've been really inspired by "her" jen ne sais quoi  lately. See how I define it below. woman with a way

If you were having trouble envisioning a woman with "a way" [wink], Linda Rodin completely embodies it --love her style! While this type of woman is typically older, you too can get the same look no matter how old you are. Be sure to decorate with unexpected, quirky, opulent touches like poodle lamps, swan tapware, and shells or other kitchy collection. Or try luxuriating at home with a turban, sunglasses, oversized jewels on your fingers, and bright lipstick--I just imagine that's how she does it. And most importantly, carry an air of fabulousness, and feel secure in the things you love.

What do you think of the woman with "a way" [wink] style?

pic of Linda Rodin||Aruba floral wallpaper||poodle lamps||

shells||lipstick||sunglasses|| ring|| swan tapware|| turban