5 Interior Design Trends to Try This Spring

Finally spring is in full swing, and what better time to spruce up the space a bit. I've always enjoyed learning about the newest trends, but I've never been one to follow them blindly. Usually when I learn of a new trend, I take a step back to see if it resonates with me, and if so, how I can make it my own. If I don't think it will work for me, I leave it alone. I've also  adamantly rejected trends, mostly because I get tired of seeing everyone do the same thing. This is one of the reasons I really appreciate trailblazers (Kelly Wearstler comes to mind) because they are not  inclined to follow what everyone is doing. I remember when Kelly Wearstler featured her home in Domino way back in 2007-08, and many people didn't understand it. Now fast forward years later, her unique blend of colors and homage to 70's glam seems to be everywhere. But of course, this post is not about Kelly Wearstler or the 70's. I'd like to share with you some trends that seem to be going strong, and are fairly easy to achieve for spring. Take a look: 1. Abstract Patterns/Bleeding Colors

Abstract Patterns

 1. Pospsugar  2. Denydesigns duvet 3. Madebygirl 4. Arianna Belle pillow

Abstract patterns or as they are also known, blotting patterns, or bleeding colors, is a refreshing change from the very structured, graphic patterns we have been seeing the last couple years (Yes, I'm looking at you chevron). If you have a structured, symmertical graphic wallpaper or pattern in a room, the fluidity of an abstract pattern can add an extra dose of fun and excitement, perfect for an upbeat spring attitude.

2. Oversized Plants


Oversized Plants

 1. The Everygirl 2. Elle 3. Weekday Carnival

I'm no green thumb, but with all these oversized, luscious plants I've been seeing in home décor, I think that's about to change. Every home needs an organic element to enhance the space and make it feel alive (literally). And these oversized plants feel so glamorous and bohemian. I just love them.

3. Geometric Shapes

 Geomtric Shapes

1. Vintage Revivals Sharpie Wallpaper 2.   Savvy Vintage Boutique 3.Vintage Revivals Plant Hanger 

Geometric shapes in fabrics and wallpaper have been going strong for some time. And while some geometric shapes seem to have grown tired, others feel new and fresh. I really enjoy unique geometric shapes in furniture and other household items (like that plant hanger. Love.) because we are so used to seeing the standard square, rectangular or circular shapes. I really fell in love with the side table above from Etsy, so much so that I bought it myself. But there are many more options out there.

4. Quirky Wall Art

Quirky Art

1. Hus & Hem via Pink Lady 2. Lulu & Georgia 3.  Lula & Georgia

I always love quirky wall art, and even more so when it's mixed in with serious art. Because really, décor shouldn't be all serious business and no fun, right? These images can add a light, fun touch to your very sensible walls.

5. Blush & Navy

Blush and Navy

  1. Domino 2. Baz Bagels via My Instagram 3. Skona Hem

I love the combination of blush and navy. Most people use black as their go-to dark color, and while I love black as much as the next person, I love that extra "something" that navy brings. It's tailored, rich, and unexpected.

So what trends have you noticed this spring? Would you incorporate any of the trends mentioned above? ♥