Getting My Vision Back

Spring has finally sprung! And it's about time. After a long, cold and busy winter, I've decided it's time to start attending to the important things again, like sprucing up my home. I usually go through phases. There are times when I'm all about decorating, and scour home stores looking for that one piece that fits my vision exactly. Or there are times when I'm all about my wardrobe and  spend hours looking for that pair of shoes or dress I have in my head, but haven't actually seen in real life (I often go home empty-handed and frustrated when this happens).  Then there are times, like this past winter, when I'm so consumed with work and responsibilities that I haven't had the time to really think about my home or wardrobe in the way I enjoy. Can you relate?  I figure now is as good a time as any  to focus on these things a little more and create a new vision I can fall in love with, starting with my home.  One of my favorite things to do  is peruse through magazines  for inspiration.

Of all the mags out there, Anthology ranks high on my list. It's a quarterly home décor magazine that focuses on a specific theme in each issue. All the homes are unique, and tell a story that's consistent with the theme. This particular issue features a collection of homes that pay homage to American  culture.

One of my favorite homes featured is the home of Janie Bryant, a costume designer best known for her work on Mad Men. She calls her home a  mix between Rococo and Palm Spring— I love it.

Janie's home is modern glam all the way, with touches of classic luxurious pieces, like crystal chandeliers, and more decadent pieces like the golden dolphin faucets and gold drawer pulls.

I just love this black bathroom vanity. It's very 70's James Bond.

What do you think of Janie's home? It has definitely  inspired me. Now on to more magazines!

{images: Sarah Seung}