I know what you're thinking— what in the sam heck is a "glahemian." It's my term for rooms that have elements of modern glamour and bohemian style. I'm drawn to the  cultured, comfy-cozy feel of bohemian spaces, and the modern sophistication of glamorous spaces. In fact, I often feel like something is missing if I don't incorporate both elements. So what better way to blend the two. Here are two rooms that capture each style really well. glahemian

Nice, huh? I could just pick and pluck  pieces from these rooms all day. This is what gave me the idea to curate some pieces that capture the blended glahemian style. Have a look:


decorative pieces

Bohemian Room: Lonny mag + Glam Room:  MadebyGirl


Put these pieces  in a bohemian  or a modern room, and voila, they fit equally well. What do you think of glahemian style?