Artist Sabrina Cabada

The other day I was perusing through the web looking for pics to go with my new post. It was taking me hours because I couldn't find what I wanted, and I was becoming increasingly frustrated. But justwhen I was about to put a wrap on it, I stumbled across the work of artist, Sabrina Cabada. Don't you just love when you find something great by accident?? As soon as I saw Sabrina's paintings of quirky, stylish 50's vintage women I was immediately hooked, and wanted to read more about this cool artist. The thing I love about Sabrina's paintings is that they're so full of emotion. She describes her paintings as"conventional domesticity to edgy, provocative images," and she often puts all those elements in one painting which makes it so very interesting.  While her paintings give clues to a story, they are not so literal that they tell the entire story. And I've never been a fan of literal art.  She writes "It is not an elaborate story and I'm not going to share it. The viewer would be influenced and I prefer you to see and feel it for yourself." Interestingly, this is what psychological projective testing is all about— showing the client a series of ambiguous images so that they can project their feelings and emotions onto it. Take a look at these images to see what emotions you feel, or what stories you create about the subjects. You never know, it may tell you a little something about yourself.



The good news is that all these paintings are available for purchase. I have my eye on the Morning Tea, and think it would look great on my wall gallery (the one I haven't quite put together yet, ha!). Which ones do you like the most?