Newsworthy: The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney

I love bohemian style. I think it's because I enjoy all different styles: the clean lines of modern décor, the cool classics of midcentury furniture, a little Hollywood glamour, and a good dose of romantic furnishings, the kind that feels proper, but not too precious. And bohemian décor has all that and more. So when I heard that Justina Blakeney was coming out with a new book on bohemian style, I pre-ordered it right away. New Boho 1 Justina Blakeney has built an awesome career around her bohemian sensibilities. In the book she makes reference to her multicultural background and love of travel, all which have informed her free-spirited sense of style. The book is packed full of beautiful bohemian homes categorized into six different types of bohemian looks including modern, folksy, romantic, earthy, nomadic, and maximal. And she invites us not to just look at pretty things, but encourages us to put our inspiration into action with an "Adapt an Idea" section for each home. It's a great way to hone your creativity, and you might even come up with some ideas of your own in the process. Justina also  sprinkles DIY treats throughout the book, an ode to her craftiness and belief in building a home that represents you. According to design psychology, needs for shelter are basic, but not sufficient for a self-actualized home, one that offers pleasure and beauty.  This book reinforces my desire to create a home that's beautiful and pleasurable to me. One I love to spend time in. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the book: New Boho 2 Just the other day I posted about my affinity for tassels and pom-poms (see here), and one look at this chandelier certainly shows you why. It's such a show stopper, and EXUDES major bohemian glamour. I love it. New Boho 12 Plants, plants, plants. I love how cozy and settled they make a home feel. It's hard to be tense and anxious when you've got bits of nature spread throughout your home. I like how it's presented here with midcentury modern furnishings. It feels so seasoned woman to me. New Boho 14aThe unabashed combo of colors and patterns here are so fun. Such a mix always seems to work in bohemian styled homes. The styling is not mechanical (like trying to remember what goes with what), rather it's more about being attuned to what colors or patterns "speak" to each other, and creating a vignette based upon that, even if the colors or patterns do not work together in theory. new boho extra 6 This room feels very glamorous to me, kind of like the owner spends her days at home with her dogs writing music while barefoot and wearing a long flowy dress with a myriad of bangles on her arm. Can you see it? bath1 What can I say about this turquoise, Navajo wallpaper. It goes to show you that multicultural style doesn't have to feel moody and woodsy, it can be bright and pretty too. dressing room I've always wanted a dressing area that was bursting at the seams with beautiful clothing and accessories. This little dressing room makes me want to just dig in and see what treasures I can find.New Boho 11aaa I really like big luscious plants like this, and the brass table lamp and mural gives such an East village vibe. I bet the person who lives here is down to earth, and all around cool--wouldn't you agree? bed This bedroom oozes with confidence and creativity. It's so bright with thoughtful details like the painting in place of a headboard, and pretty clothes displayed for all to see. I like the use of non-traditional window coverings, And that light! It has so much dramatic flair. new boho cover back1So what do you think of bohemian style? Do you see yourself incorporating any ideas from these homes into your space? If you'd like to see more of the book, you can get it here.