Long gone are the days that I get most of my fashion updates from magazines and television while relaxing on the couch. These days I feel like I rarely have a chance to sit down. But of course, with the internet and smart phones, I definitely get my dose of the latest fashion news on the go. Each day my  inbox is flooded with newsletters, blog posts, and updates from shopping sites, brands, and online magazines. At times it can be overwhelming and I think back on simpler times when all I had to do was turn on the fashion channel to get the latest scoop. But every so often I'll get an email about a new fashion site that catches my eye.

Just the other day, I got an invite to join a site called Wowcracy, an online resource featuring the latest fashion projects that haven't hit the stores yet. Up-and-coming designers set a goal for a certain number of orders to be placed within a certain amount of time, and the supporters (that's all of us who want to buy something) have an opportunity to pre-order items within that time frame. Once the goal has been reached, the  project becomes a reality. That is, the orders are shipped and the design is officially considered a "trend." Bloggers are invited to join in the fun by reviewing the designs we like the most and linking the reviews to Wowcracy.  That way, we have an impact on what items will be produced. Pretty cool, right? I'm all for supporting new designers and having a hand in the latest trends *wink*. So with that being said, I've found 5 designers that caught my eye. Check them out below and see what you think.

JADAJada Lynton

Jada LyntonJada LyntonJada LyntonJada LyntonJada LyntonJada Lynton

Designer Jada Lynton is based in the UK and studied sculptural design before she took the leap into fashion. That might explain the structured feel of these minimalist pieces—*love*. She designed this line with the "busy woman" in mind, and I think these classic, timeless pieces are perfect for women (like myself) who want sharp designs that can be easily transformed from day to night with the right accessories.


FRANCESCA EVANGELISTAFrancesca EvangelistaFrancesca Evangelista Francesca Evangelista

Do these purses make you want to dance? That's what Italian designer, Francesca Evangelista had in mind when she created these glam purses. Inspired by the Tip Tap (now known as tap dance) that evolved during the Jazz era, Francesca wanted to capture the lively, crisp, and dynamic flare of tap dancing. And just to add to the cool factor,  you can change the look of the purse simply by detaching one part from another.


ANNA SAMMARONE RETRO SUGGESTIONS Anna Sammarone Anna Sammarone Anna SammaroneAnna SammaroneAnna SammaroneAnna Sammarone

If you've been following my posts, you know that I love vintage everything. So I had to include designer Anna Sammarone, in my round-up. It's not hard to see that Ms. Sammarone is inspired by the sophistication of vintage fashion.  In fact, this collection kind of makes me want to watch an episode of Mad Men. Anna gives vintage a modern edge with colorful tones and edgy styling. As my bestie, Myriam says, the difference between dated and modern is all about "slight of hand." I love the strappy sandals with the modest blue dress.


CORINA HAYWOOD HATS Corina Haywood Corina HaywoodCorina Haywood Can we bring hats back? I love these cute head pieces by hat maker and designer, Corina Haywood. All her hats are inspired by her love of history, beauty, and style. Let's hope this hat thing catches on.



 Valentina RosenthalValentina Rosenthal

Disposable, replaceable fashion is EVERYWHERE, which only makes it that much harder to find one-of-a kind pieces. Yet by the look of this collection, I think jewelry designer Valentina Rosenthal has tried to make it a little less harder. Valentina's jewelry is inspired by her desire to create unique, eco-friendly pieces with strong concepts and cutting edge designs. Each and every piece is green. It's the true meaning of "fashion conscious," ha.

What do you think about Wowcracy and these new projects? Which pieces do you think you would like to see trending?