How Expensive Is Your Time?

How expensive if your time? Time has always been a controversial issue. People complain about not having enough, and others say it heals all wounds. My grandmother used to say time is the greatest revealer of all things. Yet some would love to make time stop to avoid the inevitable, like death and aging. Then there are those who try to fill up time as a way to avoid dealing with issues, and others who warn of the glorification of busy. Lately, I've been having some real issues with time. I've been busy trying to make some changes in my career (I'll say more about that when the time is right), and it has left me with very little time to, No, I'm definitely not into glorifying busy. But I intentionally took on extra "projects" (well, jobs but projects sounds way cooler) so that I can expand my career options. This has really gotten me to think more deeply about the whole concept of time.  In fact, having so little time has left me wondering what I was doing before, and how could I have possibly complained about not having enough time compared to what I'm experiencing now. (By the way, I felt something similar to this when I first had my children).

possible time post pic4

Of course, we all know that we should use our 24 hours as productively as possible. But the "doing" is not necessarily the same as the "thinking." In other words, while we may look like we're not wasting time physically, what are we doing mentally? How often do we shut our minds off, and function in rote mode doing only what is expected of us?This got me thinking about my emotional time. My emotional time is the time inside my head (okay, that sounds a little crazy). What I mean is, it's the time I use thinking, planning, creating, praying, and anything else I use to be productive, rather than waste it with negative, self-defeating thoughts.  Since I've had very little me-time, or time to do extra activities, I'm learning that my emotional time is extremely expensive.

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It can be very easy for us to get distracted or swept away in what others are doing, which only robs us of the time we can use to think about bettering our own lives, the business we want to start, or project we want to create. We have our minds every minute of the day, and it's up to us to guard it and spend the time filling it up with positive ideas that contribute to our growth and God-given destiny. I don't think I looked at time quite like this before. I've always focused on being productive, but my mindset hasn't always been positive which is in essence a waste of my emotional time. Since my time is very expensive, I no longer want to waste it with negative thinking that robs me of my time, my emotional availability to my family, and my ability to realize my dreams. So with that I ask you, how expensive is your time?

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