Made My Week: Carnival

Carnival season is officially here! What else captures the essence of summer season like carnivals. As a child, I remember being captivated by the hypnotizing, circular movement of the ferris wheel, devouring fluffy pink cotton candy that melted in my mouth and made my fingers stick to everything it touched, and waiting in line for ungodly amounts of time just to get on my favorite ride.


thunder bolt

My excitement was just the same when I became a teenager, only my attention shifted. By that time, I was scanning the park for cute boys, lip synching to my favorite “it” song, and eyeing all the colorful summer fashions.

eating fries

carnival candy

Although I’m older and the carefree feeling I used to feel during the summer season seems like a distant dream,  I think I've come to appreciate the carnival in a whole new way. This past week the carnival came to town, and for me it was nostalgic. Despite the stress of work and responsibilities, being at a carnival somehow made the stress fade away.  I love putting on my cool, breezy summer dress and strolling through the park looking at all the people.


ferris wheel

I'm intrigued by all the bright colored signs, babies carrying on, parents trying to keep up with mischievous kids, and of course, what people are wearing. And no matter if I'm on a diet or not, I have to indulge in large bucket fries sprinkled with a healthy dose of salt and pepper, funnel cake fully coated with sugar, ice-cream with the cone no doubt, and caramel candy apples.  It just goes with the whole carnival experience. Naturally, a carnival isn’t complete without the grand, awe-inspiring fire works show.

candy apples

fire works

Aaaah... summer. What seasonal activities do you enjoy during the summer?