So Long Summer

Well it's that time again. The time when we enjoy the last few days of vacation and outdoor fun ( matter how cloudy it may be), and get ready for the cooler weather, school, and/or whatever  changes we plan to make once September starts. beach pic_edited-1I enjoy all seasons, but I'm usually happy to see a season end and a new one begin. I always think of fall as the season of new beginnings. I love looking forward to cooler nights, cozy indoor spaces, and the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. Of course, this upcoming season is extra special as I look forward to adding to our little brood.

beach pic3_edited-1If your juggling a lot like me, you're probably thinking  about all the things you want to focus on and accomplish in the fall. In addition to my day job as a psychologist, I took on a part-time personal stylist position, and want to continue to pursue some writing goals I've had for a while now. It's all part of my plan to move my career in a slightly more creative direction. (I'll share more about that in another post.) My kids are also going to a new school. And while I'm a little nervous about them being in a new environment, I'm hoping they'll  meet some great friends and teachers. It reminds me how exciting (and only a little anxiety provoking) life can be when you're starting something new, or even if you've just vowed to spend more time on goals you've wanted to accomplish for some time.

beach pic 4As much as I'll miss the summer, I thank God I have another season to enjoy, and I'm looking forward to seeing what fall brings along with it. What are some things you're looking to accomplish this fall?