Style or Denial? What An Undecorated Room May Really Mean

what your space says about you5 What are some of the excuses you’ve heard for an undecorated room? I’ve heard quite a few, and have even been guilty of some. A few that come to mind are, “I’m not decorating this office because I’m leaving.” Or, “This bedroom doesn’t reflect me, I’m just busy right now. “ Or even, “We haven’t decorated the living room because we can’t agree on what we want.”

While these excuses may be  valid, there comes a time in the life of a room where the space simply just reflects the style of its inhabitants, intentional or not. So if your room is undecorated, cluttered or empty, and it's been that way as long as you can remember, chances are it’s more a reflection of you than you than you would like to believe.  Of course, it may not reflect all of you, but it's an indicator that some issues may need to be resolved.

A room undecorated due to indecision may reflect a tendency to cope by avoidance. Or it could be a reflection of unhappiness with where you are in life at the moment. Maybe you’re unhappy with your job, and still haven’t decorated your office after a year because part of you really isn’t there. Or possibly you’re experiencing some underlying  anxiety, and it shows up as a cluttered, undecorated room.

So what do we do about it? Research shows that in order to promote emotional well-being, a number of components must be considered including color, nature, light, and aesthetic quality.  If you’re room is reflecting a not so flattering side of you, then spruce it up . A  sad, gloomy room can easily be turned around with a bright colored décor and natural elements like a large plant. You'll be surprised at how your mood will improve.

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If your space feels cluttered due to anxiety as a result of an overwhelming schedule, de-clutter, organize, and decorate. You'll be amazed at how much freer you'll feel.


Still, if you're a couple and you haven't decorated because you can't agree, clarify your individual styles and blend the two. It's like learning to share all over again, and your space will likely feel much richer and fuller than it would have otherwise.

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 Alaina Kaczimarski via Nook & Sea

What are some of your ideas for turning around an undecorated room?