The Psychology of Blogs that Rock

Hi there. How have you been? This month has been particularly busy for me, but also very exciting. I've been taking a month long blog course, Blog Boss, with blogger Holly Becker of decor8. Do you know her? She's a very talented interior stylist and uber blogger. She's taught thousands of bloggers over the last several years, and definitely knows her stuff. The course is jam-packed with a wealth of information, and I'm learning so much. Of the things I like most about the course is the opportunity to learn from and meet other bloggers. There are so many creatives out there, and I love being inspired.

{image: blogboss via decor8}

In keeping with the course, I'd like to show you 8 blogs I admire and the reasons why. The blogs I chose are all different, and I think that the reasons I admire them reveal just as much, if not more, about me than the bloggers who created them. According to research (in my milky, know-it-all voice), there's a certain amount of anonymity and distance about blogging that makes people freer to share thoughts and feelings. So bloggers may actually be more revealing  than they realize. With that in mind, perhaps  this post would be better titled, "My Psychology..." but it doesn't quite flow with the rest of the title so I left it as is. Let's get on, shall we?

Vintage Modern Loveliness: Hana & George

I love blogs that capture my attention at first glance without reading much more than the title. This is certainly the case with Hana & George, an interior design blog written by Hana. The blog has a pretty, light and airy look, and the writing is easy-going and lovely. Hana gives her readers the sense that she is truly inspired by what she posts, and it comes across in her beautifully curated images.

Hollywood Glamour: The Paris Apartment


This is actually the very first blog I read and fell in love with so I had to include it on my list. The Paris Apartment  is written by lover of all things Parisian, vintage, and glamorous, Claudia Strasser. She is an avid flea marketer, and often features images of beautiful vintage, flea market finds. Her side bar is full and fun, with references to old Paris signage and modern, chunky graphics. And it all works somehow.

Graphic Sophisticate: Off All the Fish


If you want a graphic-pick-me-up, check out Kim Child's interior design blog, Of All the Fish in the Sea. Clearly, this woman is talented. Have a look at her About Page. It's super innovative, to the point, and makes you want to read on to see what other creative ideas she has up her sleeve. She often features style boards she creates which show off her fabulous design skills.

Edgy Bohemian: Bijou and Boheme


Bijou and Boheme, an interior design blog written by Christine Dovey, is like Anthropologie meets Kelly Wearstler. The blog speaks to my love of glitz, glam, and bohemian style. Have you seen her home? She features it on her blog—it's beautiful. I like some of the blog's surprising features, such as her quirky post title font, and centered text. All in all, I feel Christine does a good job of  clearly conveying her unique, eclectic style.

Social Media Guru: Inward Facing Girl


Inward Facing Girl is a lifestyle blog written by Melanie Biehle, a social media and creative services consultant. She writes about all sorts of things such as art, design, travel, photography, and business. On her About Page, she tells a heart-felt story of the challenges she faced as a writer.  Her blog is  modern, and her  informative posts gives the impression she knows what she's talking about. Similar to me, Melanie also has a background in psychology which of course makes us kindred spirits.

Magazine Ready: Meadow at Dusk



Meadow at Dusk is written by my fellow Blog Boss classmate and interior designer, Ashley. She writes about interiors, photography, fashion, music, and food, AND does it all in a simple and sophisticated way. Kind of like what you might see in magazine. The touches of handwritten font gives her otherwise, simply designed layout a refreshing pizzazz. Very pretty, indeed.

Pretty Crafty: The Making Home



The Making Home is a sweet DIY blog written by another one of my fellow Blog Boss classmates, Davina Drummond. She's an artist and mom who writes about her experience making a home for her family. Her blog features very creative DIY projects. Most recently she wrote a post on how to make a shaker for a toddler—very cute. Her blog has an adult, yet kid friendly aesthetic. It's modern, yet warm and quirky.

Colored Girl: Eat Breathe Live Color


Eat Breath Live Color is a color-focused blog written by graphic designer, Zoe, another fellow student from my Blog Boss course. She created this blog to express her love of, or as she calls it, obsession with color. Her posts are categorized by color and are full of beautifully saturated images. It's a modern, simple blog with a very clear and consistent focus.

Which of the blogs most appeal to you? As diverse as these blogs are, I think the writers all share an ability to express themselves in a way that feels authentic. Being true to oneself fosters creativity and a strong voice that are evident in these blogs. This definitely inspires me as I hone my own creativity through blogging.