Comfort Bags: 5 Great Handbags for Everyday

We all have comfort foods, don't we? Those go-to foods that make you feel just a little better when your stressed, or even better when your happy. I'm a meat and potato girl, and it's very difficult for me to pass up, well, anything carbs really. And that's just how I feel about my trusty handbag.  The one I carry everywhere I go, the one that has everything in it, and sometimes doubles as a baby bag. And if it isn't the bag I'm wearing with my outfit, sometimes I'll just carry it and leave it in the car because it holds things I think I might need. I call it my comfort bag because like comfort foods,  I feel comforted when it's with me. Do you have a bag like that? It's easy to understand why we're so connected to this bag by dusting off our psych 101 books and reading up on  reinforcement and classical conditioning. We get positively reinforced (meaning our desire to take it everywhere is strengthened because we are reinforced by the comfort it gives us), and negatively reinforced (meaning our desire to take it everywhere is strengthened because we are reinforced by the discomfort we feel when we do not have it) to wear the bag. And the more we wear it, the more likely we are to associate the bag with meaningful memories. As a result we are conditioned to feel the same or almost the same way about the bag as we do about the memories (remember Pavlov's dog ?).

I've been on the hunt for a new trusty comfort bag, and found five that fits the bill. Some are out of my price range, but I think when you get a sense of what you like, you can more easitly spot something similar in a lower price range.

Mansurgavriel backpack- Rosa

I found this backpack really striking. It's simple, clean lines, and light pink color feels fresh, modern, and girly. And given that it's a backpack, it's both pretty and functional.

Aridza Bross Anchorage Satchel

Aridza Bross Anchorage Satchel

This bag looks like it was made for wear and tear. But the worn feel of the leather juxtaposed (my favorite word) with the glitzy gold adds glamour to the everyday.

Luca Michele Fussa bag

Luca Michele Fussa bag

This bag has such interesting structure, don't you agree? It seems like an all around versatile bag that would look just as great  at the office as it would running errands.

Just Female Rain Leather Backpack

Just Female Rain Leather backpack

Move over standard locker duffle bag, there's a much hipper, sleeker one in town. Hmmm, I wonder if this bag was inspired by a skunk? Either way it definitely seems like a bag for the ultra cool urban girl.

miu miu handbag

Miu Miu handbag- blush

Yes, yes, and yes. Look at the structural details, the soft, supple leather, and the feminine color. Don't worry if you can't find the right outfit to wear to work in the morning, this bag will definitely make any outfit you have on.

So what everyday handbags have caught your eye lately?