Different Time, Same Style: 70's Working Mom

Hi Folks! It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted and I'm so happy to be posting again. I didn't intend to be gone these last couple of weeks. I've just been really busy with work and family responsibilities. Sometimes it can be difficult when you're trying to do it all, but I'm committed to making things work, even when it feels like there's not enough time in the day, or enough resources to do what needs to get done. Sometimes all we have is motivation and determination, and if so, well Gosh Darnit, I say make the best of it.

This week I'm excited to share another installment of Different Time, Same Style or what I'd like to call DTSS. It's among my favorite to write, yet also one of the most challenging. I'm fascinated by history and have always been intrigued by how people dressed and did things in the past. So I thought it would be cool to reinterpret the style and wardrobe of people in past eras based upon what I'd think they would wear if they were the same age today. Of course, no one really knows for sure how we would dress in a different time period. I'd like to think I'd be chic and stylish, but that would depend upon a combination of factors such as the social-cultural standards of the day, the expectations imposed by my family or immediate environment, my financial status, and the list goes on. As you can see, figuring out what I'd wear is no easy feat. But it's not so much about being accurate as much as it's about conveying a thoughtful reinterpretation of styles from past eras. And isn't that what inspires the collections of countless fashion designers? My ability to create a thoughtful re-interpretation stretches as far as my creativity will take me, and taking creative liberties is the best part.

So without further ado, meet my newest DTSS muse, my friend's mom. She has such a graceful and endearing quality, and when I saw pics of her in the 70's, it all made sense. I mean, of course she was a chic and modern working mom of two! I did some digging and learned that in the 70's, she worked as the personal secretary to Governor Shapp of PA. He started the Peace Corp as a way to help provide technical assistance to other countries, and expose the US to different cultures. No how's that for a fun fact. I imagine my friend's mom being immersed in an atmosphere where worldliness and a blending of ideas from different cultures were strongly encouraged. Still, the 1970's was a transitional time for moms. The June Cleaver image was fading away, but the concept of a working mom was considered cutting edge, and from her attire, it's clear my friend's mom was part of the new wave of stylish, working moms. Think Mary Tyler Moore minus two kids.

Below are pics of my friend's mom going to the Governor's ball (1), out and about with the Governor at a construction site (2), with her children (3), and spending some time at the water front (4). She's super cute, and if she was the same age today, I bet her wardrobe would be no less modern. In fact, most of the current trends reference the 70's so if she was transported to 2015, I'd bet her wardrobe would be an ode to her 70's self. Don't you think? See how I interpreted DTSS for her below.

DTSS: 70's Working Mom

Pretty: Mar Y Sol Layla Clutch || Butter Tumbled Gem Heels ||Mermaidmisskristen Lace Boho Dress Hipster: J Brand Jeans || Saint Laurent Shirt || Sleeveless Sweater Working Gal: New Sir Crepe Blazer|| Crepe Straight Leg Pants|| Michael Kors Selma Satchel || Topshop White Pumps || Chic Wish Chiffon Blouse Weekend Gal: James Perse Blouse || Madewell Shorts || Michael Kors Backpack ||Nasty Gal Stussy Link Slides

So what do you think, am I spot on? What do you think her wardrobe would look like if she was the same age today?

Different Time, Same Style

Hello. How has your week been? I've been busy with family and trying to register the name for my new creative consulting and wellness company. I never knew how difficult it could be to pick a matching domain name that wasn't already taken. Just a little tip: it really helps if you're company or blog name is specific and not generic, or one word like mine. For sure, I love the name Truly, but I must admit, it has been pretty difficult to work around. It's definitely been a lesson in patience for me, and learning to trust God in the process. Thankfully, I've come up with ideas, and promise to reveal more as things unfold. BUT, I will not be talking about domain names today. Instead, I decided to bring back my series, Different Time, Same Style. It's a column I started some time ago (see the first one here). In fact, I've started a few columns I no longer write because they didn't seem to work. But I really enjoy this one. Different Time, Same Style is where I answer the question, "What would they wear today?" I love history. I find it fascinating to learn about how people did things "back then" and the impact it has on us today. Recently, I came across an online photo essay, "Oct. 1969 Hippie high school," shared by the popular design blog, Design Sponge via mashable.com. It highlighted the impact that the hippie movement had on teenage fashion in the year 1969 with photos that were beautifully shot by photographer, Arthur Schatz. The article made some interesting points, mainly noting that the hippie movement evolved from counter culture to mainstream and heavily influenced the way high school students dressed. Essentially, the mainstream capitalized off the hippie movement by making mass produced hippie inspired clothes that the young generation could identify with and use to assert their individuality. Ironically, because "everyone" seemed to be wearing the clothes, the homogenized look countered the very freedom and individuality that the hippie movement represented.

The article reminded me of the evolution of hip-hop culture, which also started out as a counter culture movement that the mainstream capitalized of off for profit. Eventually hip-hop fashions, originally created to reflect individuality and an attempt to stand out from what was perceived as an oppressive mainstream, is now mainstream. And really, where can we go without seeing some type of commercial, ad, or clothing line that hasn't been influenced by hip-hop.

Fun, young, free, & "edgy" mainstream style

1969 different time, same style2

 pic||clutch|| top|| shorts|| shoes

So when I thought about  what the teenagers in this article would wear today, I thought about the influence of hip-hop and the impact it has on teenagers, who by nature are inclined to assert themselves and push the boundaries of what mainstream, or their parents expect of them. The teens in the picture seem fun, young, and free, and their hippie inspired clothing reflects this. But their clothing is also noted to be more safe and maybe not as authentic as would be worn by true hippies during that time. This complex dynamic is what I attempted to replicate with the outfit above. The high-waisted jean shorts with the lattice crop top feels fun, young, and free, yet there is a little hip-hop edge with the graffiti (which would have never been considered a "thing" in the mainstream back in the day) printed designer clutch, and modern, metallic flatforms that are both youthful, and good for frolicking around. If these kiddos were teenagers in 2015, I think they would wear an outfit just like this. What do you think?