The Truly Profiles: Meet New Favorite Blogger, Melissa of Simply Bohemian

We all have our favorite superstar bloggers. You know the type. The seasoned bloggers who have been at it for years, developed their skills to perfection, and accumulated the adoration of the masses. We love them and almost can't imagine a time when they weren't larger than life. But what if we knew them way back when, before they had years of experience under their belt, before they became a household name. Would we see the "it" in them or just pass them by. It's hard to say. But I'd like to think I could recognize a talent when I see one at any point along their career journey. Case in point, newbie fashion blogger, Melissa of Simply Bohemian hasn't been blogging long, but you can't tell from her captivating (I'm not exaggerating) Instagram pics and  pretty, understated blog posts. As you may tell from the name, her style is undeniably bohemian, and she captures it in such a pure, elegant way, it's hard not stare at them. In short, this girl's got talent. I wanted to interview Melissa because I felt it was the perfect opportunity to better understand how a creative talent just starting out, makes it all happen. So when I asked Melissa for an interview, I was happy she said yes, not just so I can introduce her to my readers, but so I could pick her brain and take a few nuggets for myself (I'm a little selfish like that).  You'll want to hear what Melissa had to say about starting a blog with fear and insecurities, and what inspires her. Read the full interview below along with her beautiful Instagram pics for your viewing pleasure.

Simply. Bohemian 1

TB: Hey Melissa! I want to first start off by saying that I love your Instagram feed and blog. It really does reflect a simple bohemian lifestyle, and it's infused with so much beauty and personal style. I understand it took a while before you decided to start your blog. What were some of your reservations, and what made you decide to just go ahead and do it?

Melissa: Thank you so much, Sarah, for your kind words! Before I hit publish for the first time, I had lots of reservations. Did I have anything to say? Would anyone care? What if I couldn't do it? Silly, I know. My husband encouraged me greatly, and I finally decided to jump in and start. To do something for me, for us, and to not let insecurities rule.

Simply. Bohemian 2

Simply. Bohemian 8

TB: I  love that. Where do you look to for inspiration?

Melissa: I tend to find inspiration in little moments— over a quiet cup of coffee with my husband, a slow sunlit walk with my dog, a piece of music, the way a dress falls, a pale pink wall, and flowers. Always flowers! Little adventures out of the house can really spark your inspiration!

Simply. Bohemian 3

TB: Definitely. It's those non-stressed moments when inspiration flows so easily. Speaking of non-stress, your outfits reveal a relaxed approach to dressing with a keen attention to detail. What are some of your favorite places to shop?

Melissa: I love shopping at Free People and Anthropologie. Their displays are always thoughtful, beautiful, and inspiring. I love finding that special piece there! I also love Madewell for well done basics.

Simply. Bohemian 4

Simply. Bohemian 10TB: It's easy to see that your Instagram pics are well curated. What is one thing you learned about photography since you started your feed?

Melissa: I'm still learning every day! I think the key is consistency. Constantly going out capturing the things that catch your eye, the moments you want to remember. Keep trying new things, new perspectives, new edits until you find you. I am always looking for how I can capture what I'm seeing and feeling in this shot. Always keep honing your individual perspective.

Simply. Bohemian 5

TB: Great info. And what advice do you have for anyone who has been thinking of starting a blog, but doesn't know where to begin?

Melissa: Start. Just start. I didn't know what I was doing, (I still don't) and I was so nervous to hit publish on the first entry! Take time to think about what makes you excited, what inspires you. Think about how you can share that with others, and maybe even inspire them to capture the moments around them.♦

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I love what Melissa had to say about starting a new venture in spite of her insecurities and fears. It goes to show you that we all, no matter how talented, have fears to overcome, and it is in the overcoming that you get the confidence to push forward. Melissa, I wish you all the best as you embark upon your new career path. I'm sure we will all be hearing more of you in the future.

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All of the pics can be found on Melissa's Instagram here.♥