Truly Inspired By...I AM R.A.R.E. {And Vintage Jewelry}

Last week I attended a vintage jewelry exhibition organized by  a very cool lady, Ms. Jacynth Johnson (that's her in the pic below). If you know me, you know I love vintage jewelry. There's something so romantic and nostalgic about it. So when I got wind of Jacynth's vintage jewelry exhibition, I wanted to see what it was all about. Little did I know it was about vintage jewelry and much more. Jacynth is the founder of I AM R.A.R.E., a faith-based organization that targets young girls who struggle with sexual issues. (Get it? Rare, meaning a-one-of-a kind person and jewelry.) I AM R.A.R.E. stands for I Am Righteous, Anointed, Redeemed, and Empowered. Jacynth started the organization out  of a passion for helping young girls find value in themselves and honor God with their bodies. I had the opportunity to speak with Jacynth and she was oh so inspiring.

me and jacynth johnson

Photo courtesy of I AM R.A.R.E.

As a psychologist, I come across many young girls who use sex as a way to find value in themselves.  They don't know they are inherently worthy and valuable, and unfortunately have no one to tell them. Thankfully, Jacynth is one woman  trying to get the word out--and in a very stylish way I might add. She organized the jewelry exhibit out of a love for authentic vintage jewelry. AND all the proceeds from the exhibit will be used to organize a retreat and other programs sponsored by I AM R.A.R.E. How visionary is that!

vintage bracelet

Photo courtesy of I AM R.A.R.E.

I bought some really cute pieces at the exhibit, like this  fabulous bracelet.

vintage earrings

Photo by Scotty McFarland

And lovely swan earrings.


vintage jewelry


Photo by Scotty McFarland

Cute, right? If you want to find out more about I AM R.A.R.E, and the R.A.R.E vintage jewelry collection, visit the organization's Facebook page at  And for more vintage jewelry online, click on the resource below.

Vintage Jewelry