Having A Moment With...Tassels, Pom-Poms, & Party Decor

Tassels and pom-poms have been around since forever. I remember my mom had pom-pom shower curtains for a while when I was growing up, right next to the monogrammed guest towels. It all felt so proper. According to design psychology, tassels and pom-poms are salient for me because they evoke a strong, positive memory from my childhood. I tend to like them in interiors more than I do on clothes, but every once in a while it catches my eye when I see tassels or pom-poms on clothing or accessories, like the pom-pom shorts that are so popular. If I remember correctly, I was really into pom-poms a couple of years ago, but my excitement faded, until now. It all started when I bought some cabana black and white striped curtains (see them here) for my family room. The cabana stripes are glamorous and classic (which I like), but I'm also going for a bohemian look, and I felt adding pom-poms to the curtains might give me just the right amount of detail to make it feel more eclectic. I then considered hanging a colorful metallic tassel garland over my curtain instead. While it would typically be used for a party, I love the idea of adding a festive vibe to my everyday décor. It kind of makes me feel like I'm having a party all the time, yay! Then I thought it might be cool to hang up gold confetti piñatas on both side of my curtain rods instead of the tassel garland to give the feeling of two very large tassels. Basically, I was on a roll. That's when it hit me that tassels, pom-poms, and party décor are my thing right now, even thought I'm still working out the details.

Tassels and pom-poms

In the meantime, while I'm deciding on how to style my curtains, I  bought a Moroccan trellis rug with tassels for my family room. I actually wasn't searching for a rug with tassels, but when I saw it, the extra detail appealed to the bohemian/lady-like vintage vibe I'm drawn to. Let's hope it works, ha. What do you think about the tassel, pom-pom, party décor trend?

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