Goodbye Small Space


I've been a small space dweller for as long as I can remember- 13 years to be exact. And living in small spaces has certainly had it's challenges, especially with a growing family.


But as I prepare to say goodbye to my small space and move into a larger one, I'm feeling kind of sentimental and have been thinking about what small space dwelling has taught me.


Whatever complaint there is to be made about living in a small space, I'm sure I've made it. Everything from not enough space, to not enough privacy, to not enough room for the kids. And let's not forget the wear and tear on the furniture from the kids jumping all over it. (You wouldn't believe how badly my settee needs reupholstering.) I'm know, that can happen in any size home, but of course, I blamed it on the small space.

living room

On the flip side, I've also enjoyed the challenge of making a small space work for me. With all the space saving gadgets, organizing tools, and my tried-and-true Ikea, it's been fun to figure out how to make one room or piece of furniture meet multiple needs. For me, the living room has functioned as both the  office and play room, and I like the idea of incorporating kid sized furniture into adult spaces. After all, kids are as much a  part of the family as anyone else, right?

kid's desk

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned from small space dwelling is to appreciate what I have and make it the best for me.

living room

There were times when I didn't appreciate my small space at all, and thought I'd be much happier in a bigger hoome.


But I've learned that our sense of satisfaction does not come so much from the space  but our ability to make the best out of the space we have. Agree?


Honestly I can  live almost anywhere because I've learned how to make a space my own. But needless to say, I'm certainly thankful to be moving on, and can't wait to decorate a new home.

living room

There are so many new ideas running around my head,  and can't wait to share them with you! So stay tuned.

chair vignette

What has your space taught you about yourself?

{Photos by Sarah Seung}