Cameron Diaz & Kelly Wearstler Team Up

Cameron and Kelly

Design trends have really evolved since the 21st century began over 13 years ago. We've seen everything from shabby chic (remember that?) to happy chic, bohemian to midcentury modern, and Hollywood regency to modern glam. Perhaps 50 years from now we'll be able to look back at this style evolution with a clearer sense of the socio-political influences that brought about these changes. But until then, I've been enjoying all of it. My personal design style is a mix between bohemian, midcentury modern, and modern glam thanks to the queen of  the entire glam movement, Kelly Wearstler.

Ms. Wearstler's modern glam style has been referred to as a mix of clean and sleek with the decadent and exquisite. There's a strong 70's influence too, and that era owned glam - think Marilyn McCoo and Solid Gold. Well, that was actually 1980, but it was still pretty much "the 70's," right?  Anyway, I digress. Kelly Wearstler's designs have always reflected a clear vision that is all her own. I remember when her work was criticized after appearing in the 2008 issue of Domino magazine, mainly because her style was cutting edge and people didn't "get it" yet. Of course,  she didn't let that deter her and still kept going- the sign of a true artist no doubt.  So when I read that Kelly Wearstler designed Cameron Diaz's New York apartment, I expected it to be full of allure. And it is. It's a completely grown-up, glamourous, and sexy 70's inspired apartment, and I love it. See it here.

Cameron's living room

Cameron's kitchen

Cameron's bedroom

Cameron's bathroom

Cameron's other bedroom

Cameron's other bathroom

All Images from Elle Decor

That gold and white bathroom! I could just live there. What room is your favorite?