A Truly Welcome!

After much ado, Truly Blog, formerly known as Truly {Passionate, Stylish, Me}, is back! I’m so happy to be blogging again. The redesign process started out a little rocky, but after finding the lovely and ubertalented gals at Betty Red Design, it was all worth it. As you can see, we’ve made a few changes. Namely, a new look (what do you think?), a new tagline (shorter and more to the point, right?), and a new category, Psychology & Lifestyle. That’s where I’ll feature psychology research related to all sorts of topics like relationships, personality, creativity, design, self-worth, and the list goes on. I figured this is a great way enhance your life and style so that you can continue to be the cool, stylish chick you want to be (guys, you can get in on in too). Since this is a welcome post, I wanted to give you a proper welcome with a little something I made myself. a truly welcome

This was my inspiration pic.

kristin peak interiors, LLC

Kristen Peak Interiors, LLC

I get a kick out of turning handwriting into art. It’s so unexpected, personal, and of course, a little easier on the pockets. All you need is a canvas and some markers. If you haven’t tried this yet, go ahead and give it a shot. You can be as personal and creative as you want to be. And feel free to share yours with me, I’d really like to see it.