Dressing For Your Body Type: Tall, On The Slim Side

Hey all! We've made it to the third and final (at least for now) installment of the Dressing for Your Body type series, and hopefully it's inspired you to learn how to appreciate your body even just a little bit more. This week I'm interviewing my loveliest friend Myriam. I've known her for years, and have seen her cope with body issues we all deal with. Here's what she had to say about how she has come to appreciate her body type.

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Trulery: Hi Myriam, I'm really excited to have you share with us! Tell us how would you describe your body type?

Myriam: This is kind of a tough one for me because I don't really feel that it fits in one category completely. I'm clearly tall and on the slim side but wouldn't call myself boyish or athletic. But neither am I curvy or pear-shaped. Is there a "Myriam" body type? Because I'm that for sure.

Trulery: I feel you. Sometimes it can be hard to define our body type in ways that really capture how we perceive it. How would you say your body image evolved, and how did you learn to appreciate your body image?

Myriam: I started to appreciate my body when I started working out, and oddly enough it didn't have much to do with weight loss. I became more confident when I realized how capable my body was. My aerobic conditioning and strength training really helped me to feel good about myself. When I'm fit-- in-shape and strong, I feel and look my best.

Trulery: Realizing what your body can do, can really go a long way with being appreciative of the body you have. What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone struggling with your specific body type?

Myriam: I'd say know you are more than your body! Be grateful for it and what it allows you to do (work, exercise, bear children...), and don't get caught up in what you should look like or what you wish you looked like. Also, accentuate your positives! We all have something we like about ourselves-- our legs, arms, neck, or whatever works for you.

Trulery: That's great advice. What styles or pieces of clothing work best on your body and why?

Myriam: Another loaded question! It's hard to answer because I favor so many different silhouettes. I enjoy dressing so I like to play with different styles. I'll say there is no substitute for a well-fitting pair of jeans.

Trulery: What are 5 must-have pieces for your wardrobe?

Myriam's 5.jpg

Myriam:  (1) Jeans, of course! I love their versatility. They come in a variety of fits and washes, and you can dress them up or down. (2) I also really like how a blazer can instantly polish a look. I love to wear one draped over my shoulders. (3) A mid-heel or kitten heel in a metallic or a bright color is another must-have for me right now. And shoes are a great way to add a little personality to your outfit, especially if your outfit is pretty safe. (4) The cropped pant is another good one. I like these slim or wide legged. I'm obsessed with ankles, and being tall, this is a silhouette I can comfortably wear without fear of the inseam being off! (5) And I have to include a statement blouse. It's an easy way to elevate an outfit and try out new details, trends, or colors.

Trulery: Thanks Myriam!

Can you relate to Myriam's body image journey? Tell us about it!

shoes| blouse| jeans| blazer| pants


Dressing For Your Body Type: Full Hourglass

Hey All! I'm back with the next installment of my Dressing for Your Body Type series. This is where I interview women of different shapes and sizes about their body image issues and how they overcame them. No matter what size you are, you've probably had to overcome even minor issues with your body type. And I think it's really helpful to talk with other women about how they've dealt with it. This week I'm interviewing my friend, Kanika. She's funny, no-nonsense, loves being a nurse, and is really just a cool person. I've always admired her self-assured presence and thought she would be great to interview about her body image. Here's what she had to say:

Kanika full.jpg

Trulery: Hi Kanika! So tell me how you would describe your body type?

Kanika: I'd have to say hourglass-- with the right undergarments!!!! Undergarments smooth out and shape, and push things to where they need to go. It's like photoshopping. It doesn't add what you don't have, but it sharpens what you do have.

Trulery: Real life photoshopping- so true! How would you describe how your body image evolved? Or how did you learn to appreciate your specific body type?

Kanika: As I got older, I realized you got to work with what you have. In hindsight, I wish I had been more appreciative and accepting of my body. I would have been more inclined to maintain and value what I have. People are getting butt injections to have a bigger butt and that's natural for me.

Trulery: I agree. I think we should try to value our body, even if it's not exactly where we want it to be because it's the only one we have and one day we might wish it was the way it is now. What's one piece of advice you would give to anyone struggling with your specific body type?

Kanika: I'd say focus your shopping energy and money dressing the parts of your body you like. I like that my waist is naturally narrow so I don't shy away from high-waisted pants or skirts, or clothing that cinches at the waist. It makes my top and bottom look proportionate.

Trulery: That's so much better than focusing on the parts you dislike, and having a bad shopping experience because you somehow only noticed clothes that highlighted all the wrong areas. What other styles or pieces of clothing work best on your body and why?

Kanika: I like looser tops, fitted bottoms. I use to be opposite, but now I realize good quality, fitted fabrics thru the hips and thighs are more flattering for my ample bottom and narrow waist.

See Kanika's 5 must-have pieces for her wardrobe and why she likes them.

1.  dress  2.  boots  3.  spanx  4.  pants  5.  bag

1. dress 2. boots 3. spanx 4. pants 5. bag

Thanks for your insight, Kanika!

Can you relate to Kanika's body image experience? Tell us about it below.


Dressing For Your Body Type: Petite

Hey Everyone! I'm excited to share with you a new mini-series, Dressing for Your Body Type. It's where I interview women about their body image and how they've overcome insecurities about their body type. I think most of us have struggled through body image issues at some point in our lives no matter what size or shape we are. As I have gotten older, I've had a hard time trying to maintain my 20's body, and have not always felt as comfortable in my skin as I'd like. I work through it by trying to keep a consistent exercise regimen, making healthy eating choices-- most of the time, and understanding that I do not have to wait until I reach a certain size to value myself and my body. I try not to be so focused on my physical appearance that I forget my worth and purpose is much bigger than that. It's definitely an ongoing process but it's worth it to keep at it, particularly when we often get unrealistic messages about what we should look like. For this series, I decided to interview three women with different body types in hopes that you'll be able to relate to at least one of them and their unique journey to a healthy body image. This week, I'm interviewing the lovely Nicole Borjas. Here's what she had to say:

Nicole pic update.jpg

Trulery: So Nicole, how would you describe your body type?

Nicole: I'm definitely petite.

Trulery:  I think being clear and confident about your body type is a great first step towards a healthy body image. How has your body image evolved, or how did you learn to appreciate your body image?

Nicole: I've learned to embrace trends that are more flattering to my body type and not feel so bad about skipping the ones that don't always work for me. That in itself has helped me learn how to appreciate my shorter frame more. There are a lot more clothing brand options now for petite ladies which is fun to find.

Trulery: I agree that knowing what works for your body is key. What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone struggling with your specific body type?

Nicole: Finding clothing that is tailored well to your body frame is very helpful. It took me a while to figure that out. Sewing machines, or tailors are your friend.

Trulery: And it's always good to have clothes that are uniquely fit since so much of what we see is standard and mass produced. What styles or pieces of clothing work best on your body and why?

Nicole: I am loving the high-waisted trend. High-waisted jeans are my favorite. They make my shorter legs seem longer which I appreciate.

Trulery: What are some must-have pieces you think make a good foundation for your wardrobe and why.

Nicole: My must-have pieces are....a little back dress, high-waisted jeans, a quality white T-shirt, black jeans, and a leather jacket. I like good wardrobe staples that you can adapt from day to night, and can wear in different seasons.

Thanks Nicole! Check out her wardrobe staple picks below!

If you can relate to Nicole's body image journey, feel free to share it with us.

5 Tips to Help You Feel Good About Your Body Image

At 5 1/2 months pregnant (for the third time) my body has been through a lot of changes. Watching my expanding waistline (which is miraculously hidden from view in this pic) always amazes me. I enjoy showing off my baby bump, but as for the other parts of my body, I do my best to keep those intact. And as I've gotten older, I've started noticing parts of my body that I've never really paid attention to before. So when I noticed that my arms looked a little, shall we say "softer" than I remember, I was a little discouraged.  But then I thought about body image, and the value we place on our bodies. Our bodies are valuable, and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and care, but it becomes a problem when we equate our value with our bodies. And in fact, when we start to believe that we can fix our problems by altering our bodies (like with plastic surgery), and we do so repeatedly, then we're treading along the lines of a disorder, otherwise known at Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). That's a disorder characterized by a preoccupation with one or more perceived defects in physical appearance that is either not observable or not a big deal to others. A hallmark feature of the disorder is the urge to perform repetitive behaviors (e.g, excessive grooming, mirror checking) or mental acts (e.g., comparing oneself to others) as a way to cope with concerns about appearance.

body image8_edited-2

While most people who have concerns about their bodies would not qualify as having full blown BDD, I think many of us can agree that we tend to overvalue our bodies while devaluing so many other things we have to offer. So for those of us who are less than satisfied with our body image at least some of the time, here are 5 tips to help you feel better about it.

1. Focus on other parts of yourself you find valuable (and I don't just mean another body part). I've met with many young girls that struggle with significant anxiety over their bodies. And they seem to believe that life would be so much better if only their legs were "____er" or their lips were "_____er."  While many of us want to improve our looks, we often don't spend enough time focusing on other good things about us. Maybe you're funny, a really good friend (that's me), or smart (me again, ha!). These qualities are just as valuable as any other part of you and deserve to be noticed.

2. Put together a healthy regimen (even if you don't follow it exactly).  If you don't like your arms or belly do something to change it.  But don't throw in the towel if you miss a day or two. The mere act of putting together a healthy diet or exercise plan puts you in the mindset you need to start making healthy changes, and leaves you in a much better position than if your were just wallowing about something you don't like.

do unto yourself

3. Create an inspiration mood board and put it where you can see it.  An inspiration mood board is meant to inspire you. So refrain from including size zero models who do not reflect a healthy and realistic body image for you. Perhaps there's a celebrity, model, or friend whose body type is close to yours and reflects a healthy body image you'd like to  have. Or maybe you found an inspirational quote that make you feel good about yourself and your body. All of these would be great for your mood board.

4. Buy clothes that fit.  This may seem obvious, but many of us can get caught up on the size of clothing.  I know I've been known to get a little uncomfortable when I've had to go up one dress size. While a smaller dress size might feel good when you try it on in the store, it doesn't feel so good when you go home and try it on away from the "skinny mirror"  you were using in the store dressing room. It may be helpful to know that standard clothing sizes are loosely defined, and what was a size 7 in a store several years ago may not be a size  7 today. Also, sizes run differently in different stores and even among similar garments in the same stores. So if you focus on buying clothes that fit no matter the size, you'll likely feel better about your body image because when you're comfortable in your clothes you move better in them and it shows.

5. Do unto yourself as you would do unto others. Think about your slightly overweight  or plump best, good friend, or someone overweight you admire. What are the thoughts you have about him or her? Do you ever think, I really like you but I'd like you more if you weren't so fat? I would hope not. In fact, I know some really great people whose larger body size make them, well, them and it works. I don't separate their bodies from who they are, so why should we do it to ourselves? Just as we can love and admire a friend whose body type may not fit the ideal, we can also love ourselves even if we are not completely satisfied with our bodies.

Do these tips sound like something you would or have tried? What are some other things you do to feel good about your body image?