Personality Traits and Dress: Dependent Style

Welcome to another installment of Personality Traits and Dress! Here we are at part 3 (see the other parts here and here) of our 5-part mini-series, and I don't know about you, but I'm really enjoying see these personality traits come to life through clothes. This is Dependent Style, the copycat cutie of the bunch. dependent style

Illustration: Ann Shen

Some people are more inclined to be submissive, and reluctant to assert their authority. Like the histrionic style, these individuals are dependent upon others, but in a more passive way. Rather than demand attention from others as is typical of the histrionic, they are likely to look to others for guidance and direction. These are the friends that rarely initiate a plan, and go along with most whatever you say. While too many dependent features can be problematic, many of us, at some point in our lives, have been reliant on others to help us make difficult decisions. I know I have. But if you have a predominate dependent style, perhaps you feel paralyzed when it comes to putting together an outfit and require the assistance of a close friend to assure you that you look fine. Or maybe you may be inclined to wear an outfit exactly as you saw it worn in the store or in a magazine just to be sure you are wearing it right. That is, you’re outfits always read, “I want to look just like you.” Ever feel like you rely too much on trends or others when putting together an outfit?