Personality Traits and Dress: Depressive Style

Are you ready for part 4 of our 5-part series, Personality Traits and Dress? If you missed previous posts on Narcissistic, Histrionic, and Dependent styles, you can find them here, here, and here. This week we're showcasing the downer Debbie of the bunch. It's one thing to feel depressed, but what does depressive style look like ? This is what I imagine:

Depressive Style

 Illustration: Ann Shen

It goes without saying that someone with a depressive style is, well… depressive. Perhaps not to the point where they're not functioning, but they seem to carry with them a sense of doom and gloom. And quite frankly, it’s difficult to feel upbeat in their presence. Most of us have all been down and out at some point in our lives but thankfully many of us are able to bounce back and experience a sense of joy. But if you have a predominate depressive style, it may not be so easy to bounce back, and this may be reflected in your style of dress. If you only wear dark colors or neutral styles, sure you may look presentable, but the lack of joy you feel shows in your clothing. And after a while your drab look may even start to reinforce your negative feelings. Maybe you’ve decided that clothes don’t matter. Or maybe you’ve given up shopping altogether, and decided that the clothes you have in your closet will do just fine no matter how outdated or tired they may look. Either way, you’re outfits always read, “Don’t bother looking at me. There’s not much to see.”

Do you know anyone with depressive style? What has your experience been with them?