I See Beauty

I was talking with a lovely young woman of color this past week, and we chatted about all things hair care. She was wearing her hair natural, but said she's more comfortable with straight hair because she has a corporate job and her naturally curly hair isn't "professional enough." Her comment made me sad. And then I got mad. In 2013 are we still ashamed of our natural hair?

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Of course, most of us love to change our hair, and enjoy finding different ways to maintain it, usually with the least amount of fuss. But the idea that our  natural hair is less than or not acceptable doesn't sit well with me. While some may not be a fan of natural hair, I see beauty in it.

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I think the way we feel about our hair is partly attributable to our hair history. When I was a little girl, I had thick curly hair and many thought I was wearing a wig. I hated it, and often pulled my hair back due to sheer embarrassment. But that was many moons ago. And as dear Ms. Sweet Brown would say,  "Ain't nobody got time for that."

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God made all hair textures, and I think we should try to figure out how our hair texture, no matter how curly or kinky, can work for us instead of ruling it out as unacceptable.

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Natural hair is definitely the "it" look right now. But it also embodies self-acceptance and self-assurance, qualities that transcend trends and offer a satisfaction that is more long-standing.

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What are your thoughts on natural hair? Feel free to share.