Not So Happy Chic

Hi there. I hope you've been getting on okay. It's been a little while since I've posted, but I haven't gone anywhere. I've been trying to re-organize myself so that I can manage my responsibilities a little better, AND hopefully blog more often. Since Spring has sprung, I also want to make sure that I have time to enjoy and be inspired by the beautiful outdoors, and all the pretty Spring decor. I've come across lots of bright white and airy rooms that are so refreshing for Spring. But strangely, I've also been drawn to rooms that are a little more dark, not just in terms of color, but mood. I really enjoy rooms that have an air of mystery to them, almost spooky. Kind of like this Gothic mansion below.

{image: movie screen shots}

This pic is from the 1946 movie Dragonwyck. Do you know it? It's a great thriller with Gene Tierney and Vincent Price— very spooky and captivating indeed. Rooms like this make me want to spend free summer days uncovering mysteries and secrets in old homes, complete with secret passageways and trunks in the attic that haven't been opened for 70 years. Have you noticed the dark trend in decor lately? I've come across a bunch of  rooms that reflect this brooding mood. Here are some that I really like. They may not feel happy, but they're definitely all chic. Take a look:

{image: peter murdock via xojane}

{image: minakani walls via anthology mag blog}

{image: eric cohler}

{image: abigail ahern}

{image: jay graham for belle notte linens via xnet}

{image:  simon upton/gn's paris apartment via elle decor}

I think this brooding vibe in decor has definitely become more popular since the whole black wall trend. What do you think of it?